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Manufacturing Process

Raw Material Storage

Ethanol with impurities and concentration of 95-96% V/V received in Tankers is unloaded and stored in Store Tanks. It’s classified as per the denature present in it and is stored in tanks as per the guidelines of PESO. The total storage capacity of the tanks is 44,00,000 Litre. All the Tanks, Pumps, Values are calibrated timely and are evaluated.

Molecular Sieve Dehydration

MSDH (Molecular sieve dehydration) Technology works on the principle of pressure swing adsorption. During pressurized adsorption, water molecules from ethanol-water vapour, get removed. After that these ethanol vapors get condensed by condenser (using cooling water in shell tube type condenser) and the condensed purely anhydrous ethanol is then collected in a product tank and after that in receiver tank. MSDH has ability to dehydrate ethanol to the concentration of more than 99.9% V/V of ethanol with moisture content less than 0.1%. Our fully automated MSDH plant have a production capacity of 70 KL per day.

Innovative Technology of Distillation

The Plant is made of Stainless steel 316 as well as special stage of Stainless-steel tank specifically made for serving pharmaceutical and Perfumery industries. With the help of Distillation Innovative Technology, we are sure to get quality of Ethanol with below 10 ppm impurities.

Lab Testing

All the specifications, Standard Test Procedures and General Test Procedures, Sampling Procedures for Raw Materials, In-process Materials and finished products are reviewed and evaluated at this stage.
Samples of Raw-material, in-process and finished products are analyzed, Tested and Retained for a period of 6 months. This helps in product traceability and are traditionally favored for fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Transportation of Finished Product

Dehydrated and/or Distilled Ethanol (Concentration of more than 99.9% V/V and/or Impurities less than 10 ppm) is stored in 600 KL. As per the requirement of our valued customers the Anhydrous Ethanol is denatured and then loaded into the Truck or Tankers for delivery to our clients. We supply the perfumery and Pharma grade Ethanol in SS Tanks only to prevent the material from contamination. For Local deliveries the Tankers and Trucks are equipped with portable Fire extinguishers and Spark arrestors, Hazardous labels, TREM card, MSDS making it safe to travel on Roads. We believe in Timely Delivery and hence keep a constant track of our vehicle status with the help of GPS Trackers. For Export Deliveries the material is loaded in Tanks and material test is done by a verified and recognised third party. Post customs examination Self-sealing is done at the premise itself and all the safety norms are taken care.


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