Advanced Technology

  • We have Fully Automated 140 KLPD Production Plant of Anhydrous Ethanol with Daily Output Capacity – 120/130 MT
  • Our highly efficient Plant has towers to effectively separate the impurities.
  • Integrated Distillation and Dehydration Sections ensure desired PURITY of Ethanol
  • Plant is also in line with PESO & Flameproof Area guidelines and having Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) system
  • Sampling and testing/Sample Retention

    Panila Chem Limited has a fully equipped Lab with highly qualified team who ensures the desired level of quality of the product. All the specifications, Standard Test Procedures and General Test Procedures, Sampling Procedures for Raw Materials, In-process Materials and finished products are reviewed and evaluated.

    Samples of Raw-material, in-process and finished products are analyzed, Tested and Retained for a period of 6 months. This helps in product traceability and are traditionally favored for fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

  • Efficiency

    Continuously improve the ISO in each area of operation including training of employees. Conducting self-inspection at regular interval so as to ensure ISO is followed all the times and to find out the improvement requirement.

    Validating the process, equipment, system, instrument, methods and/or personnel; reviewing trend analysis to ensure continual state of validation.

    Calibration program is in place to ensure test, measurement and inspection equipment are under calibrated state and showing accurate results.

    Imparted training to all the employee to make them update in current procedure and ISO.The analysis and sampling are performed as per written and approved procedures.

  • Qualified Team

    We have a well learned and qualified team lead by very vide experienced promoters who put around more than two decades in the field of chemical Industry especially denatured spirit. The Team has qualified Chemical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Company Secretary, Chartered Accountant, Chemist/Lab Technicians, MBAs, Other Professionals etc. Team Panila puts continuous efforts in meeting the client requirement by providing them committed quality of material and products ensuring the client satisfaction.

    Our team has majorly expertise in Chemical Industry.

  • Just In Time

    Panila believes in giving just-in-time (JIT) deliveries. JIT is a concept originally developed in Japan where the products (i.e. Raw Material) are delivered just before its requirement in the production cycle.

    Panila strongly believes this and has zero missed deliveries. This helps with faster turnaround of stock, and our customers don’t need as much warehouse or storage space to store goods. This reduces the storage requirements of an organization freeing up their funds. This increase the efficiency and reduces inventory storage costs (i.e. Raw material Inventory storage cost, Work in Progress Storage Cost etc.) saving customers fund and preventing investment in unnecessary stock. Ultimately reducing the cost of production and increasing the profitability of customers’ business.

    Our On Time Delivery also encourages smaller Companies that don’t have the funds available to purchase huge amounts of stock at once. Ordering stock as and when it’s needed helps to maintain a healthy cash flow.

    We are one of the trusted suppliers you can always rely on for ON TIME DELIVERIES.


Distance from Major Ports

Key Location

The manufacturing plant of Panila Chem Limited situated at Mamsa is approximately 10 Miles from the city of Bhavnagar, Gujarat. Bhavnagar is well connected by Road and Rail. Our location facilitates us with the ease to reach to the multiple key markets at lowest logistics costs.


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